Suddenly way to high wattage power , Wahoo Kickr snap 17?

(Niclas Berge) #1

Hi Zwifters
Running Zwift with my Wahoo kickr snap 17 and PC/WIN 10 and ANT+ antenna. Worked perfect last winter/spring but now I have a problem.
After about 30-45 minutes of use the wattage power suddenly increases 3-4 times without that i put in any extra effort. If I do around 2 wattage per kilo, it goes up to 6-8 wattage per kilo. Like I suddenly becom Froome and passes everyone easy. The hill up/down still feels but it goes way much faster and easier than it should be.
Have been like this for the last 6 trainings. Have work normal one time at the Watopia a couple of days ago
but yesterday the problem was back. Normal wattage for 30 minutes, then way to high for 5 minutes, then back to normal for 10 and then back to 6-8 wattage per kilo. Very annoiying and it is hard to know where the problem is coming from. PC, Antenna, Zwift or trainer?
Do not help to restart Zwift. Spinndown do not help either. Trainer have latest firmware. Only to unplugg and
restart trainer can help. Have also tride to run with Android Swift companion app and BT. But same problem appears.

It is like the Kickr snap sends out wrong info when it gets hot. Any clue or experience what the problem might be?


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Niclas, we may have a fix for this coming out soon. Check this post out: