Sudden extreme tension increases

(Kirk Thoreson) #1

I’ve been using Zwift for around 1 month with my Cycle Ops Magnus trainer.  I’ve run into a reoccurring issue where I’ll be riding various courses and the resistance will suddenly increase to the point where I can barely pedal (even standing up).  In other words, the tension becomes so high its like riding in quicksand.  It’s fairly impossible to continue.  It’s doesn’t appear related to the natural changes due to the course.  It doesn’t happen every ride but occurs regularly.  Can you help me diagnose the issue.


(Gerrie Delport) #2

I would suggest you  open a support ticket and send the files located in your \Documents\Zwift\Logs folder

(Amy Downs) #3

I have cycleops The Hammer and am having the same issue.  I opened a ticket today.

(Pedro Alquizar) #4

Same here, it is preventing me from training at all…it goes 160w to 10000000W

(Jason K) #5

We’re not aware of any universal issue related to the CycleOps trainers, so if you’re experiencing the same issues as the OP, please submit a ticket with your logs.

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