Sudden burst to 1250 watts.

During a cool down session of 120 watts, for some reason y watt output jumped to 1250+ with out me changing py pace at all. I guess it was a glitch in the ANT+ or something. Problem is, it unlocked a ton of stuff on my profile… 

Is there a way to reset those achievements?

I wish we could help on this one, but unfortunately, we don’t have an admin tool that lets us reset achievements. If you want to us to reset these in the future when we do have the ability to do so, submit a support ticket via, and we can keep your ticket on-hold until we can fix your account.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is try and improve your ANT+ signal stability. See our troubleshooting article for more suggestions.

Gotcha. The ANT+ has been fairly consistent for the most part recently except for this one spike. All good. I guess now I just have to meet those watts to make the legit. :slight_smile: