Subscription shows incorrect as expired

I have a Zwift subscription through the Apple App Store (iTunes) for a few months now.
While doing a workout session this afternoon, I’ve received a full screen message telling me that my subscription was no longer valid and that I had 25km left on my trail.
I just ignored the message and continued my workout till the finish.

This evening, I went again for a quick spin and now a message on the start screen appeared that I had 25km left on my trail and the counter went down during my session with banners on the bottom of the screen, warning me about the remaining km’s.

Verifying my current subscription in the Apple Store, I can see it’s still valid (which should be the case as I haven’t cancelled it). However, I noticed that the renewal date is most likely May 3rd, as the next billing date is June 3rd.

Is there any way that Zwift is out of sync with the Apple Store subscription? If so, how can I fix it? I’ve seen some posts suggesting to use the “Restore Purchase” option on the bottom left corner of the start screen, but it’s not showing on any of my devices.