Subscription issue!

I have purchsed the subscription through my Ipad carrier billing and payment was reduced but Zwift shows that payment was failed. In my app store susbscription it still shows the subscription is successful. Please assist.

Are you trying to pay Strava or Zwift? Whatever the case may be, the forum users can’t help you with account payment issues, you will need to contact Zwift support.

I’ve had the same problem today too. I’m running an iPad ( recently updated to iOS 14.4.1.
Money has definitely come out of my bank account and Apple says so too.
However, I now have the message Trial expired too!
Any fixes anyone?
I suspect something connected to the latest update either iOS or Zwift app?

Hi, My issue was solved.
Actually I am using 2 app store accounts. I downloaded Zwift on my Ipad from one account and did the payment through my carrier billing from second account. That was the reason Zwift didnt recognize it.

What I did to resolve was following:
1 - Logged out of Zwift on my ipad
2 - Deleted the Zwift app.
3 - Logged in to my appstore from the account from which I paid the subscription.
4 - Downloaded the Zwift app from same account
5 - Logged in to Zwift app
6 - Clicked on RESTORE PURCHASE option

And my susbscription worked.

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It was Zwift. My mistake in writing .

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