Subscription idea

I canceled my subscription today, like I do every spring (a month later than I meant to…). I cannot justify a $15/mo. subscription for something I will not use though I’m sure there will be a time or three every month when I wish it were active to do a ride. Rain, time constraint, etc.

The idea: Annual limited subscription. 5 months @ full price, unlimited riding and he other 7 months @ $5/mo, limited to 3-5 rides/month. If the decided limitation is exceeded then that month bills @ full price. This would allow light off season users to perform periodic FTP tests or dodge some bad weather and maintain engagement in the platform. It will also give Zwift an extra $35 annually from countless thousands of riders who shut it off every spring.

You are assuming that a lot of people are canceling over spring.

I know only a couple of people who don’t cancel in the spring. I would be surprised if this weren’t the norm.


I think this is a known fact.

Or it is now.

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I doubt i’ll renew after this month’s subscript runs out