Subliminal Messaging to Boost Performance

Looking over this scientific paper titled "

Non-conscious visual cues related to affect and action alter perception of effort and endurance performance"

The basic gist - Subliminally flashing a smiling faceincreases athlete’s “Time to Exhaustion”. I think there is room for Zwift to explore some of this territory in really interesting ways - for instance - the much maligned ‘screen’ effect at the end of an interval in workout mode - what if that were (subliminally) flashing imagery that allows us to dig deeper?

It would be super-interesting to know if there have been discussions at Zwift HQ around this subject.

Again - the link :

Jay is right about this. Positive images or messages might have a positive impact.


That blurry screen effect is something I really wish I could turn off, though. That thing demotivates and disorients me every single time. 

Need more info on screen…
“Prepare for a big climb in 100 m” 
“Keep it up, only 5 km distance left”

I am on iPad, the small gradient text is just unreadable.