Stupid fast AdZ results

Not a race, so it doesn’t really matter, but there were a couple of “stupid fast” times on a recent ToW Fire and Ice event.

Maybe this is related to the high speed meetup bug? Or something else, but it does seem odd to leave sub 28 minute times on the results tab.

Yeah, there’s no way someone doing 2.7w/kg is gonna get a 27 min Tour of Fire and Ice time :slight_smile:

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Some people in the group I ride with also noticed a rider going very fast like this too, the rider was alone.

A screenshot was captured which I still have but won’t share.

Same symptom - very quick with low w/kg.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I looked at the results and it looks like those Zwifters had some sort of issue with that caused a number of invalid event markers on the server and resulted in bad data on ZwiftPower. I applied a Distance tag since those times don’t represent the distance travelled for that event so the results should look much better next time you check them.

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