Studio Version

I am going to be launching a Cycling Studio this fall. Are you planning to release a studio version?

That would be sweet but I think the game would have to run on an iPad and not a big/heavy/power hungry gaming rig or $1,000 laptop

Hardware isn’t the real issue. There would need to be some studio account setting allowing a Studio to run 16 different riders from the same account.

One issue that all wireless devices have to deal with is interference. WIFI, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ all use the same unlicensed spectrum. You might be able to get it to work for 5 users but when you get a classroom with 30 users it might fail terribly. A few years ago Logitech had that issue with the 2.4GHz wireless keyboard/mice units they were selling. ANT+ is a LOT more chatty than a keyboard and mouse.

That is why the vast majority of studios use Computrainers. Folks may criticize their lack of wireless, but they do offer advantages over wireless.

The studio I’m opening will be using Kickr with an enhanced system WASP-B ANT+ to Wi-Fi Bridge.

I have been testing it for 8 months with PerfPro and it works great.

In the pro peloton there is a lot of diversity among teams with different brands. It might be that SRM works the best when you have 150 riders in close proximity.

Elwood, how many bikes simultaneously? Cadence, HR and Power/Speed?

Joe, we are going to begin with 18 Kickr, but plan to add up to 32 Kickr.

I’d be curious to know how those work out in terms of longevity. I haven’t tried one, but it looks to me like they use a belt drive between the cassette and the load generator. Folks have been reporting drift (both + and - on the same ride) on these.

A studio version would need everything “Beefy” as I have seen the consumer Cyclops spin bikes get punished. :wink: I see the folks that sell that WASP-B bridge may be able to tell you how many HR, Power Meters and Cadence sensors you can have on a bridge. I would hope at some time they migrate the WIFI to something newer than 802.11b as the newer standards deal better with higher density clients per access point. WIFI is just a 1/2 duplex communication and I believe ANT+ is like a broadcast( ).

I am sure a belt drive is better than a chain and some belts can be made to be very quiet.

Jeff, I have been using two Kickr for the last 9 months and recalibrate often. I have not experienced many problems, but I will have to search out some long term user or other Kickr studios to get their feedback.

Joe, we are making plans to host indoor races. If am understanding the WASP-B ANT+ to Wi-Fi Bridge correctly, it can communicate with 100 sensors simultaneously –

Dickson, I agree it would change the studio’s revenue model and it would likely increase our expenses to some degree. I want it to be a win-win for us and ZWIFT.

Well stated Dickson.

Here are 2 threads covering some of the Kickr issues.;search_string=kickr;#5454926

As far as hardware to run this in a studio, each machine doesn’t need to be an expensive build. I’ve run this on 3 different pcs and found the CPU doesn’t much matter (core 2 duo vs i5 vs i7), only the graphics card (compared an HD6670, R9 270, GTX 960). Even then it runs perfectly fine on a HD6670 which you can probably pick up for $50. It might not be as robust as a $200 card, but it’s not that far off.

Jeff, thanks for the links regarding Kickr. I will take a look at them. The computers I am currently running are inexpensive, but with decent graphic cards. I have tested them with Bkool (a very low end version of Zwift), TrainerRoads, and Perfpro with videos and a couple of ant+ sticks and 3 Kickr with no problems.

Will Zwift be offering a branding / promotional pack for cycling studio––banners, etc…???. Our studio will promote and offer competitive indoor cycling year around that is exciting and effective.

Elwood - Where is your studio? Did you get it up and running ? 

I just opened mine here in the Philippines, Maximus Cycle Studio. 8 stations: 2 Tacx Neos, 3 Fluxes, 3 Bushidos. One thing we quickly learned was to set up each station one st antime to avoid cross-pairing the trainers with their designated iPad5. We run a 10mbps Internet connection and a designated wifi network separate fron our cafe.
So far so good!

Why so many different trainers vs standardizing on one model? Seems the fewer variables the better.