Stuck riding in circles

(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #1

Hi, I was attempting to ride my first indoor imperial century last night when about 70.5km into my ride, the rider in front of me rode a quick circle then continued on, then I immediately got caught in the same spot, doing the same circle, but couldn’t stop doing circles! I tried using the arrow keys and the down key seemed to sometimes have an effect, but for about 10 minutes all I could do was ride circles or stop and ride more circles again as everyone else passed me.

I verified no keys were stuck on my keyboard, removed unnecessary wireless devices, unplugged my keyboard, plugged back in, tried unpairing the trainer, power cycled the trainer and no luck. Either I could just ride circles or I could stop. Eventually I couldn’t pair the trainer back, due to my interruption of the connection and had to quit, and start over again at 0km. I rode for 123km in the next session (with no problems at all) to more than complete the equivalent distance of the  imperial century (combined distance) but I guess I will have to officially earn that jersey another day.

Is this a known problem? Thanks,


(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #2

PS - On the good side, my framerate is vastly improved and I am guessing this is due to some recent updates. Very smooth now, as opposed to before. Great work overall!

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Mike, where did you get stuck? Was it out in the rolling hills a bit before the starting line on watopia?   Do you have a strava link where I can look at the GPS log of the ride to see where it went bonkers?

We’ve seen this a few times now and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it…it’s like a 1 in 20,000 bug and you were the unlucky one that time around.  We’re on it. Sorry about that!

(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #4

Here is the Strava link. Where my ride ends is where I encountered the circle problem. I think it was on the hill after the green jersey sprint segment.

You can see my errant circle riding on the Strava activity when you zoom in at the finish of the ride.





(Y ohans) #5

It’s happened to me recently too. On the hill climb, normal direction 2.5km from the Watopia start point. It was like being caught in a whirlpool. There was another rider there too at the same time, we were just going round and round. I ended the ride to get out of it. 


(Frank van den Berg(ODZ-C)) #6

Happened to me a week ago.

regards frank

(Nicolai Bech) #7

IT happened to me today 

(Michael Henasey) #8

potential fix released for this today

(Paul Allen) #9

Here is the link to what has been updated today:


(Some Dude) #10

Looks like its not yet fixed. I rode today, here is a video if it helps

It started all of a sudden, I didn’t press any key, it was near the end of the workout.

My ride

(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #11

Yes identical to what happened to me. You could attempt to u-turn and sometimes it would make you zig-zag on the road but it would always revert to circles again, just maybe not in the same spot.

(Justin Barker (HVC)) #12

Just happened to me as well. Just after turning into Ocean Drive after the start line. 

(Jim Mattson) #13


A U-Turn would temporarily interrupt the circling, but then I would go back to circling again…always clockwise.


(Jim Mattson) #14

Here’s a closer look, from Golden Cheetah…

(Jon Mayfield) #15

Thanks Jim. We actually had programmers analyzing your data live while you were stuck in the loop.  This bug is very rare these days, but obviously there’s still some way it can happen and we’re looking through the data now to see if there’s any clues.

Do you remember if anybody passed you or collided with you when it started?  Did you press any buttons when it started?

Sorry for the abrupt ending to your nice ride.

(Jim Mattson) #16

I’m sure I didn’t press any buttons. Someone may have passed or collided with me when it started, but I don’t remember seeing anyone, and Strava’s fly-bys don’t show anyone.

(C Martin529) #17

happening to me too, right in the middle of a Pretzel.

(Eric Castren) #18

happening to me right now. I came up to a large group and “collided”. Stuck riding in circles. There were 1900 riders on at the time. 


(Luke (Zwift) Yen) #19

Hey Eric, would you open up a ticket and send us the log for today’s ride?  I’ve been trying to track this bug down for a while now, but it’s difficult because we can’t reprodue it in-house. Your log will hopefully provide some good information in there.  Thank you and I apologize for your convenience!

(Andrew Zeigler (PCP Racing)) #20

Luke i have a live repro