Stuck on login screen

Trying to connect from uae on various devices. All hanging.

Happening erratically now every few days. Fix your servers Zwift this is not acceptable!

It’s not the Zwift servers, it’s your ISP having a routing issue.

This has been happening since the increase in the amount of people working from home.

Here is the Zwift Status page:

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All other websites and servers working perfectly. Only Zwift since the recent update is having issues (as so many people are stating here).

100% a server issue and the status page is not representational.

Again, to not a Zwift Server issue. I just did a long run on Zwift and had no issues and I notice there were thousands of others riding and running without issue.

This has been happening sporadically since the lock downs started, mostly with Europe customers. It is a routing issue.

You can try restarting your router, modem and Zwift device to see if that helps.

After the installation of the new release I tried to connect on the homepage on my iPad Pro but I was stuck also at the login - the play icon is turning around…
After several attempts and more than 30 min it works finally again.
I am based in uae.