Stuck on Level 25

Yes, there are other threads on this topic. But Zwift has been promising new levels for well over a year.

This is a Feedback forum and here’s my feedback:

I’m very disappointed that Zwift apparently doesn’t place any priority at all on giving its most frequent users e.g. Level 25 a consistent experience.

By “consistent” I mean the same motivators that we had in Levels 1-25.

Zwift’s focus seems to be on ‘social’ and growing the course network; that’s fine.

But some of us don’t give a stuff about social and were content to ride hours and hours just to achieve new Levels – psychic rewards. Zwift, you’ve diminished my enjoyment of your platform.

Zwift has stated that only a small percentage are at level 25 at the moment and additional levels are coming.

Just to let you know I have been stuck at level 25 for months.

I also don’t do group rides or races so the boost of the social side does not interest me at all. Seems if you don’t do group rides or races Zwift doesn’t really care about you any more which is very frustrating.

I hit Level 25 with several weeks to go last season, then didn’t do any Zwifting all Spring/Summer. I’ve just re-joined to find that the ‘beyond 25 levels’ that have been promised for over a year – more like two years – still don’t exist.

I understand economic imperatives and the tyranny of democracy. Still, it’s mildly perverse that Zwift feels they can assign a lower priority to its most frequent users!

@DM Smith. This is typical of Zwift.  All they care about is getting new customers, not taking care of and keeping the ones they have.

As time goes on their reputation gets lower and lower.  They are leaving the door open for competition, which in a way will be good for us in the end.  All though it might take a couple of year, I believe this frustration that Zwift creates with it’s customers will cause someone to create a completive alternative.

I’ve heard talk about this already.

Zwift as a single player game is beat within 5,000km, there’s nothing after that, go to multiplayer (race) focus and there’s no moderation tools for the free-for-all. There is plenty of effort for new and lower level users as they’ve stated the unsubscribe rate is low, so what’s the point of putting resources towards high level users if they’re not going to unsubscribe, instead maximize experience for new users is a better use of resources. I think we will see Half Life 3 before level 26.

I quit Zwift last November shortly after asking (again) about new levels, with no satisfactory reply (again). 

Tried BigRing VR and found it to be very good for what I want – for free.

I enjoyed Zwift for two Winter seasons but I won’t be back.

ok so I thought something was up as I was stuck at level 25, but now I get it after reading the threads. Gotta say, it doesn’t bother me at all, zwift has been fantastic, reliable, easy to use and a great training partner. I can see constant improvements but they haven’t lost the fact that its still a serious training tool. So thanks and I’m in no hurry for level 26!

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It may not bother you now; give it three years like we’ve been waiting and let’s see if you have the same opinion.  Meanwhile, I’ll double down on my HL3 bet.

I’ve heard from Zwift that there may not be levels above 25. Instead, your points will be used to purchase items in a market place. He wouldn’t say if it will go live Friday or with the New York release. He knows, he just wouldn’t say other than “soon”

No reason they can’t do both, marketplace for items and levels based on XP.  Lots of games have this, ie. COD, TF2, wOw, etc.

Geez, Levels are crap anyway. What’s your benefit of being level 25 or 45? Does it make you a better cyclist, Absolutely not. its just a number. They should focus on adding new exciting routes and other things rather than some boring levels.