Stuck in High Resistance


I am experiencing a problem with my Wahoo KICKR 14 (Version 1), whenever I go to ride on Zwift / Wahoo Workout the resistance gets stuck on the highest setting making it impossible to pedal, I have read through all the Wahoo KICKR 14 troubleshooting guidance and instruction manuals / forums etc. but the problem remains. When I perform spin downs (and I have a number of times on both Wahoo and Zwift) the resistance is fine, I have toggled with the ERG Mode settings to a point where there is nothing left to try, however as soon as I go to start a workout it seizes up again. I am very familiar with this product as I have been using it regularly for 5 years but this problem I simply cannot solve. - very frustrating - . Ironically a friend of mine had the same issue with his Wahoo KICKR 14 and I managed to solve his issue with the ‘Wahoo Utilities’ APP (I don’t know how I just tried a number of different tasks for a while and suddenly it started working again) but this is APP is no longer available.

If any of you could help it would be much appreciated.