Stuck at 499w and 8rpm for a lap...

(J O'Connor) #1

Doing hill reps tonight on Col D’Zwift, was on my 5th time up the hill and had just passed under the banner and sat up when my power ramped up to 499w.

I stopped pedalling and my on-screen cadence dropped to 8rpm but never actually stopped and Z power stuck at 499w. I did a lap of the island just for laughs and it remained constant even if I tried pedalling, power-ups etc.

Using Kurt Kinetic R&R, Garmin cadence/speed/hrm.

Even at 499w I still didn’t get the KOM either which annoyed me!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi John,

Sorry this is a bit late, but did you get a support ticket in for this?

(J O'Connor) #3

Yes, submitted and had a reply.