Stryd Measuring only half of cadence

I use a stryd to measure my running cadence on Zwift. It has worked fine until just recently. Now, when I am running it will only measure 1/2 of the cadence sometimes. For example, if I am running at 180 cadence, it will display 90 on my zwift and zwift companion app. If I change to 168 cadence it goes to 84. It has no problems when I walk, it is spot on, it is only when I run and it is not all of the time either. I have been using the stryd with Zwift for a year and half and have never had this issue until recently. I’m not running terribly fast either so zwift should be able to keep up. Is this an issue with the last zwift update?

Hi @Kim_Salt_MHG

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some trouble with lower than expected cadence readings from your Stryd footpod.

I haven’t personally seen any recent known issues pertaining to Stryd footpods as yet, and as you say that’s traditionally been a fairly reliable device – I don’t typically see many reports of issues with it in Zwift. That said, we tend to troubleshoot these types of issues on a case-by-case basis.

Since it sounds like the issue doesn’t happen all the time, I have to wonder if you’re getting some intermittent wireless signal interference in your environment. If so, you can work to troubleshoot that by following the suggestions in this article.

What about the battery of your Stryd footpod? Have you replaced it recently? If not, try replacing it and see if that helps.

From what I’ve read, calibration of the Stryd is not required for Zwift, but I found an article from Stryd support that has some interesting information. Perhaps that’ll help.

If none of that helps, I’d suggest that you submit an official support request, and contact our tech support team for further help. You can reach us here.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I have thought about the interference issues but I know that cannot be the case as I would also see the same thing happening when I walk. I run/walk and only see this happen during the running portion. In addition, it is not a dropout as it is exactly half the cadence that I am running, not some random number or zero. Additionally, it seems to be better at the end of the run. Now what I have noticed is I tend to speed up at the end of my runs so perhaps it has to do with the speed I am running at. At 4.5 mph, I can walk and have no cadence issues but I see the cadence issue when I run. If I run at 5.0 mph, I don’t seem to see the issue. As I said this has never been a problem in the past. When I download my data from the footpod to Stryd, I don’t see any half cadence so it is something that Zwift alone is doing.
I will go and submit an official support request and see if anyone can figure out why it is doing this.

Hi @Kim_Salt_MHG

You’re welcome!

What you’ve explained does sound odd, and it’s almost behaving as if it’s a calibration issue, but that shouldn’t be the case since the Stryd doesn’t require calibration.

I checked your account, and noticed you’ve got what appears to be a few different devices paired to Zwift while using the iPad for running. I see the Stryd paired, a Garmin HRM paired, but I also see something called an F85, which I’m assuming is a treadmill (perhaps a SOLE F85?).

What’s odd is that my internal tools are showing the Stryd paired for “Power”, which shouldn’t be the case because that’s a cycling-specific pairing option. Running in Zwift should only allow one to pair the device for Speed and Cadence, but not Power. The Stryd doesn’t show as being paired for Cadence either.

It’s unclear if this is just a reporting error or if there’s something amiss with your Zwift preferences file on the iPad. So, I’d like you to try deleting the Zwift app on your iPad, and then reinstall it from the app store. Once that’s done, it should effectively reset your app preferences, as explained in this article. I’m hoping that doing so will clear out any buggy behavior in Zwift after you re-pair your devices and try another run.

Furthermore, I’m wondering if the half cadence readings are happening only when using the F85 for Runspeed. Could you try not pairing the treadmill, and instead pair only the Stryd for both Runspeed and Cadence? It would be good to know if that produces more consistent cadence readings or if they are still reporting the same inaccuracies.

If that doesn’t help, then we’ll likely need to investigate this matter further as a likely game bug, and so when you send us a support request, please also include your log files. You’ll find instructions here.


I actually already deleted the app and reinstalled as that is typically how I fix any problems I have had in the past but that didn’t seem to fix it.

I find it strange that the Stryd is showing as being paired for power and not cadence as when I have the initial pairing screen it says “cadence” and stryd. You are correct the F85 is my sole F85 treadmill. I will try using the stryd for both speed and cadence next (I have been hesitant as if it records only 85 for my cadence I won’t be running … LOL).

I have noticed that it seems to happen more often when I run at a speed of 4.5 to 4.7 mph (note it doesn’t do it when I walk at those speeds, only if I run. So is it something with my running form? ) If I speed up to 5.0 or higher mph, I don’t seem to have the issues.

I will try the stryd for cadence and speed and see if it continues to occur and if it does, I will send a report request with the files.

Thank you again for your help.

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You’re welcome, and that sounds like a plan, Kim! Looking forward to hearing back from you (either here on the Forums on in an official support request) after you’ve given those things a try.

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