Stryd Live won't sync speed

(Noah Lancaster) #1


I have a Stryd Live for running. The program for zwift shows to start running at 2.5. Stryd Live won’t sync the speed of my treadmill. I have upped the speed to 4.5, and the speed shows a lower speed on zwift. I have tried to calibrate my devices, and it does not work. 

(David K) #2

Is there any possibility the battery on your Stryd Live may need replacement? Don’t quote me on this, but I believe it uses a standard CSR-2032 button battery. It’d be a good idea to double-check your manual before buying a replacement.

Are you pairing with your Windows 8 PC or your iPhone? Would you mind ensuring only one of those devices are logged in at a time? Also, if you’re running any other training apps on either your Windows 8 PC or your iPhone - even the official manufacturer’s app for your footpod, please ensure your Stryde is unpaired and the program is exited. Rebooting your PC or force-rebooting your iPhone may help.

Let me know if you’re still noticing inaccuracies afterward.

(Izzy Bear Meyer) #3

Am I confused, doesn’t the Stryd live use a charge system?   A 2032 battery would be bigger than the Stryd foot pod itself.  My zwift is showing a 5% slower speed off of the Styrd than off of the treadmill, but I just assumed the treadmill ( which is very old, is the one that needed recalibrating.

(Noah Lancaster) #4


My Battery is new on my Stryd Live. I got it this weekend, and charged it the same day. I’m paring with an Iphone 7 plus. The only app I am using it with is zwift. 

(David K) #5

I’m sorry about that; you’re right - the Stride Live footpod doesn’t have a removable battery in it. As long as it charges and lights up indicating it’s trying to pair, the footpod should be working as normal.

I would assume the inaccuracy is the treadmill too. If there is any type of speed calibration you can run on it, I’d recommend giving that a shot. If not, you may have to settle with inaccurate speed readout on your treadmill.