Strong power, but bad race results

Trying to debug why I’m pushing 20% higher watts that people around me. Today I was DQ’ed from Zwift power, yet placing 20th in my category (C). I’m drafting most of the time, so at a loss as to what is going on. One thing which is weird is last week I acquired envy wheels and they no longer show up. Worse, I seem to be riding gravel wheels, and when I go to the drop shop, I only see these wheels. Was there a glitch that allowed me to acquire other wheels ? I’m an L15. Is this the cause of my issues with power versus results ? Any help is appreciated.

What’s your frame - sounds like you might be on a gravel bike? Being slightly high on W/kg could be because you are light and/or tall and/or a little inexperienced at drafting, but it seems like a big discrepancy for that to explain it.

Cervelo aspero

Ok that is a gravel bike! All gravel bikes get the same (slow) wheels. Change to any road frame and I guarantee you’ll find it much better :slight_smile:


Thank you! That also fixed my wheel confusion. Back to my tarmac! Yay!


If only all zwift problems were so easy to solve :slight_smile:

Ride on!


Welcome to the B’s, by the way.