Strengthening quadricep muscle

Can I get some advice on events to attend that will have interval training at a 60 cadence for 30 seconds with a 2 minute rest or so, multiple times. Saw my orthopedic knee surgeon today and he recommended that to strengthen my quadricep muscle. Had knee surgery this past September 11th. Thanks for any and all advice.

Hi @Mike_Jimenez, welcome to the forums.

Are you looking for a group workout? You can also create your own custom workout that would be exactly what you need.

Thank you, it would be nice to be able to ride with a group, but if that is not an option I will look into your suggestion of making a custom workout.

You can search for group workouts in the companion app, but they will most likely not be following the intervals you described. Another option is to create your own workout, and join or create a meetup with your friends with “keep together” enabled. You can do your workout inside the meetup and you will all stay together.