Streaming Zwift from PC to TV

(Dan Thomas) #1

 I want to start using Zwift, but I don’t want to keep on moving my PC downstairs to connect up to my TV where my turbo trainer and bike will be.  Are there any solutions out there now that work well to transmit a signal from my PC to my TV so I can use Zwift?  I looked at Nvidia Shield as this looks spot on but apparently won’t work upon reading some threads which I’m a bit bemused by, is it because Zwift runs off a browser?


Any help is much appreciated!



(Jason K) #2

Just to clarify, Zwift does not run from a browser, nor does it include support for Android, so the NVIDIA shield wouldn’t be officially supported from what I can see.

As for streaming Zwift, this really isn’t something we recommend, as wireless streaming tends to drop frames. See our FAQ. For the time being, you’d probably be best off with using a hardwire connection as you have been.

(Steve Ellis) #3

One of the issues is getting a signal from your bike sensors (power, speed, cadence and heart rate) to your PC. Your trainer would be downstairs from your sensors, maybe too far for reliable transmission.

Maybe a solution for the sensor signals is to send Bluetooth from bike sensors to Zwift Mobile Link on a smart phone on your stem/handlebars. If I understand correctly, ZML will transmit the Bluetooth to your PC via your home WiFi network.

That still leaves the issue of getting the video signal from your PC to your TV. I’ll leave that for someone else to address.

(Dan Thomas) #4

So seems like a bit of a rigmarole to do it the way I want… Is it confirmed that nvidia shield doesn’t work with Zwift, has it been tested by some users?

(Steve Ellis) #5

I have no user experience with this – but would Steam Link hardware possibly work? (It’s also an app on some Samsung TVs.)

I’ve read:

“In addition, if you minimise the Steam client – don’t close it down as that will drop the connection to the Link – you’ll be presented with your Windows or Linux Desktop, and from there you can control the mouse and keyboard [via Steam Link] as normal to watch videos, pictures, and browse the internet.”

Perhaps you could run Steam software on your PC, run Zwift on your PC, minimize Steam on the PC, and view the PC’s Zwift on your TV with Steam Link. Of course, you’d still be subject to the lag. Again, I have no experience as to how negative that lag would be to your Zwift experience. Maybe the downside would vary according to how competitive you are on that Zwift ride; just riding around, the lag might be of little importance.

Or alternative to Steam Link, any other remote screen display would work. Maybe a little Raspberry Pi computer running a VNC client, attached via HDMI to your TV, and a VNC server on your PC?

(Dan Thomas) #6

I would like to think that the steam link etc would work well with hardly any lag or latency, seeing as though they are made for this purpose. But I am hesitant to commit without the experience from someone else, unless I become the Guinea pig? :hamster:

(Steve Ellis) #7

VNC experiment – no good. I tried a quick VNC setup tonight. Screen refresh was unusable – perhaps 6 seconds per frame , in game. To rephrase: 0.16 FPS. So at least two orders of magnitude from usable.

Zwift was running at 1080p on the host PC. The host PC and client were connected over WiFi. Also, I hadn’t run VNC in years. I’ve used it before for much less dynamic, and lower resolution displays. Maybe there are much faster servers and clients and configurations than what I cobbled together tonight. But for me, this software experiment looks like a dead end.

Maybe it takes something like Steam on the host and Steam Link as a client to get remotely usable. I have seen a number of user reviews of Steam Link saying it needs a wired/ethernet connection to be satisfactory. So, like Dan, I wonder if someone who already has a Steam Link would try it out with Zwift.

(Chris Massa) #8

Steam link works perfectly and streams 60fps with very minimal latency.  However, due to some weirdness that seems to be caused by the fact that there is no way to launch Zwift without first going through the launcher app and it not officially supporting steam, getting it to initially display on the remote tv requires some interaction directly on the pc (basically alt-tabbing into Zwift once you’ve started the stream), so it’s not going to be super convenient if your pc is on a different floor. Still likely much better than physically moving the computer every time though. 

(Dag Wedin) #9

It works if you minimize big picture.
Sometimes you have to alt-tab to the launcher and press ride.

Heard you can press ride on hose pc and then when you start up steamlink have it go to desktop instead of big picture.

(Chris Massa) #10

what i’ve ended up doing is taking the zwift-login script avaiable at the zwifthacks site and modifying it so that it directly launches into zwift without the little gui window, and so that the script stays running while zwift is also running. i then set steam to launch zwift through this script. the end result is that steam launches directly into zwift and zwift stays in the forefront without requiring alt-tab or minimizing big picture. 

(Dag Wedin) #11

Oh nice.
I tried the zwift-login script but it brings up a small gui as well.

Please enlighten us on how you modified it!

(Chris Massa) #12

ok so basically you just need to do 2 things. edit the script and delete (or comment out) everything below

Gui, New Gui, +AlwaysOnTop Gui, Font, s10 If (A\_IsCompiled) { ; If this script itself is compiled then use only compiled versions of other scripts If FileExist(PreferencesScriptExe) { Gui, Add, Button,, Preferences } } else { If ( FileExist(PreferencesScript) OR FileExist(PreferencesScriptExe) ){ Gui, Add, Button,, Preferences } } Gui, Add, Button, Default, Launch Zwift Gui, Add, Button, yp xp+80, Restart ZwiftLauncher Gui, Add, Button,xs, Store Password Gui, Add, Text,, Email Gui, Add, Edit, vZEmail w200 Gui, Add, Text,, Password Gui, Add, Edit, vZPassword Gui, Add, Button,, Save Gui, Add, Button,, Do Not Save Gui, Add, StatusBar Cnt := 0 SetGuiInitialState() Gui, Show Return

That should get you launching straight into zwift. Then you need to stop the script from exiting when it completes, or else steam will drop back to the big picture menu. find in the script 

SB\_SetText("Ride On...") Sleep, 1000 ExitApp

and remove the exitapp command. Now zwift should stay foreground when you launch the script from big picture. 

It’s probably also possible to do stuff like have the script exit when zwift quits but i haven’t messed with it yet. 


(Dan Thomas) #13

That is a good workaround if I ever get steam link. I have just bought a 15M hdmi though for when I get a turbo trainer…

(Dag Wedin) #14

Works perfectly! Steam overlay and everything.
Only small issue is to exit script manually on host pc afterwards

Setup question
(Chris Massa) #15

got it auto-exiting the script also. change like below - 


SB_SetText(“Ride On…”)

Sleep, 1000

SetTimer process_watcher, 1000

            Process Exist, ZwiftApp.exe
            If ErrorLevel = 0


it will check every second if zwift is running and once it isn’t it will quit the script. 

(Giovanni Gianesin) #16

Thanks all for this Script! For the record, before this I had my Android TV 80$ WalMArt Mi Box running Zwift. My setup used the Vitrual Here Android TV APP with my ANT+ dongle plugged into the MiBox via a usb Hub with an Xbox 360 controller and a wired mouse. I used the Moonlight app installed on My MiBox to emulate a Nvidia Shield Android TV like setup for the game Streaming on my gaming PC with an Nvidia GPU card. I bought a Steam Link for 5$ on Black Friday this year and used this script to configure for a more seamless launch. I will use the miBox to run media Music or TV on a second TV and run virtual here from the  miBox, then I will use the Steam Link to  steam the game to a second TV.  For comparison, have a Shield TV in addition to the miBox, I think the miBox worked great for my previous setup.  

(Tom Squires) #17

Hi folks,

I have Nvidia Gamestream working on the Shield TV in my basement and a GTX 970 upstairs in my living room.

To place shift the sensors, you can install ES File Explorer to side load VirtualHere USB Server. You can host 1 USB device over wifi for free.

Youll need to run the VirtualHere client on your PC and make sure it can see your ANT+ sensor, then start the Gamestream.

It works well enough, but I have some disconnections from time to time. I’m really hoping for a native Android app as this thing is an impressive piece of hardware.

(Victor Moses) #18

When I used my AOL desktop as my television, I followed some certain conditions guided byAOL chat support, the steps were provided to make my PC to the television, the application to watch the live streaming was also guided to me.