Strava Nov/Dec promo just stopped working

Strava Premium are supposed to get Nov/Dec free yes???

I just updated the Zwift app on my PC and it won’t let me ride.  Says “:frowning: Cancelled” on the startup screen.

My account status on the web UI says “Canceled - 21 days remaining”


Looks like the new iOS app recognizes my freebie status so I guess I’ll try using that until the PC app is fixed

Same here, after updating it shows cancelled… too bad. 


Has anyone emailed Support yet?

I thought this was support (so no I haven’t)

Edit: or rather I thought this was monitored by support

I emailed them just in case.

Log in and go to your setting and disconnect the link to Strava and then re-connect it.  It worked for me.  This is support but if you need a refund because you were charged you should open a support ticket.

I disconnected my Strava account en re-connected but without success.

Submit a ticket time…

guys, do you have seen this workaround? Login, press Watch and the key “1” … and off we go :wink:


seems to be a problem in the windows app, they say!

Ah cool Bodo Riepl, that did the trick! Cheers! 

Hi everyone,

So here’s the situation. It’s a little different depending on if you’re subscribed and when you connected your Strava account. I’ll try to break it down for you.

Unsubscribed Members - If you are returning to Zwift to use the free time that Strava has given you, you do not need to actually subscribe. As long as you are a Strava Premium member, you can simply log in to Zwift and start riding. As one member suggested, if you should happen to see the Just Watch option, you can click that and then change your view to see your avatar. As the promotion ends on December 31st, you will have until then to ride for free.

Subscribed Members - If you were already subscribed going into the Strava November / December promotion, your billing dates during those two months should have been skipped. If you got charged, you may have needed to unlink and reconnect your Strava account, as the payments system may have not recognized your account as being a Strava Premium account. That said, if you were charged in November and shouldn’t have been, send in a ticket and we’ll take care of that for you. If you have an upcoming charge in these final weeks of December, be sure to reconnect your Strava account to be sure that you aren’t charged.

I hope that was somewhat clear. If you have any questions or if I didn’t cover everything, you know you can always raise a ticket and we’ll do our best to get through it in a timely manner. We’ve had a recent influx of tickets with the iOS release and the northern hemisphere winter season, so please be a little patient. We’ll try to take care of your issue as soon as possible.

Hope that helps!