Strava Not Updating Now!

I know this isn’t a new phenomenon and that it does happen. But from day one with Zwift it has always connected to and updated Strava no problem. Then suddenly this week it doesn’t do it. Not on the iPhone. The iPad and iPad Mini simultaneously. Very odd. I’ve done nothing different to my knowledge. WattBike Hub updates Strava ok still. And yes. I can get the FIT file off the Zwift Front Page and import it into Zwift Manually. But is this a software/server issue?  Nothing seems to have been mentioned bulletin board wise publicly so it must be me?  I can’t see a solution other than having disconnected and reconnected via my Zwift Profile Connections and this hasn’t resolved it. Yet oddly again. I did get it working once. And then. Never again. Cheers in advance of any help. Ta. Bruce. 


By the way workouts and Just Rides have been on the gym WattBike Dumb Trainer  and the WattBike Atom Smart Trainer as usual.