Strava Hub Challenge 2023

It’s like the AdZ lottery :slight_smile:


When I try to redeem the code, I constantly get a ‘something went wrong’ when submitting my email…

@Jakub_Krolikowski - I will send you a private message.

@manda_F: I have the same problem as Jakub, please help me out.

@Sven_Bib It works after clearing browser cache/cookies.

Works after clearing browser cache/cookies. But it sucks anyways since your support in the EU is pretty much non-existent and I had to wait a long time to fix this. Also, why do you not inform before that to might take 7 days to receive the code?

Overall, if everything worked and I would not have to wait for the code, I would be riding already…

Thanks for your help attempt, but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem. I’ve tried several browser, some of them with a clean install, but I always receive the error.

I agree with you, that this process does delay the ordering process for me as well. I would’ve ordered my Zwift Hub already, if I would be able to receive the coupon code.


Same problem here - tried several computers, browsers, cookie cleaning…
Location is Germany.

Do you have any solution?

Ive been waiting patiently for over a week now for the code (uk user). Sold my old trainer in anticipation last week too and now have no trainer and no code to buy the replacement Zwift Hub.
How much longer will the code take to arrive?!!
You’d of thought it would of been instantly the challenge was completed.
I can soon see myself buying a wahoo core if the code doesnt come soon!

@Sebastian_Fottr - I will send you a private message

@David_123 - I will send you a private message

@Sven_Bib - I will send you a private message

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I have the same problems, also got the “Oh no- something went wrong.” error :frowning:

Tried clearing cache, cookies etc, did not help yet…

Just got the code (Thank you Amanda!)and successfully placed the order with the code accepted and discount applied.
I did clear all cache and cookies before I even went on the Zwift shop site.
Now looking forward to receiving the trainer hopefully in the next day or two.

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@MarkusB - I will send you a private message :slight_smile:

I completed the challenge on the very first day and redeemed the same day. I am still waiting for the code (10 days now).

I sent an email to support but hopefully someone can help me here. I’m just waiting for the code to buy the trainer!

I’m in the EU if that helps

Hi @Niall_Staines

Welcome to the forum.

Did you check your spam and other E-mail folders. Do a search for “Zwift Hub” in your e-mail.

Thanks Gerrie,

Nothing in my junk folder.

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And a search reveals nothing either

Zwift support have told me to contact Strava Support which seems strange but I’ve done that now just waiting a repsonse…