Strava Hub Challenge 2023

Zwift Hub Challenge

We are teaming up with Strava for a new type of challenge for your chance to unlock $/£/€50 towards Zwift Hub.

Ride 25km/15.6mi to unlock your $/£/€50 code and also be entered for a chance to win the ultimate Zwifting package, a Zwift Hub smart trainer, tablet computer with stand, fan, and training mat, all worth £/$/€1500. To learn more about the terms & conditions, click here.

You can ride indoors or outdoors to complete the challenge and earn your $/£/€50 code and unique digital badge on Strava. Click here to sign up for this challenge on Strava.

When does the Zwift Hub Challenge Start?

The Zwift Hub Challenge starts on January 14, 2023 on Strava (adjusted to your local timezone) and ends on January 28th, 2023.

Who can participate in the Zwift Hub Challenge?

Anyone is able to participate and be entered into the sweepstakes but the $/£/€50 code is only open to members in the EU/UK/USA only.

Where can I register for this Challenge?

Registering for this challenge will be done strictly through Strava. To check out the Strava Challenges page, click here.

How can I be entered into the Sweepstakes?

The Zwift Strava Challenge 2023 Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 a.m. PT on January 13, 2023 and ends at 6:00 p.m. PT on January 30, 2023 but all activities must be logged on Strava by 11:59 pm on February 1, 2023. Make sure that you have selected “Join Challenge” on Strava to track your progress towards the challenge. There will be no progress tracking available for this challenge on Zwift.

How will I receive my code for $/£/€50 off the Zwift Hub?

After completing the challenge, you will be sent an email from Strava with instructions on how to unlock your code.

I’ve submitted the form to receive my code, how long will it take for me to receive it?
It can take up to one week for you to receive your code via email.

Lol! That was quite amusing.


With all due respect that’s not quite “ultimate” given the pain cave many people here already have.

More like “economy” :wink:

The Zwift community has high standards these days :joy:


What kind of fan? And what are the tablet stats? I know many people who are getting by with bare bones setups who might be interested.

Completed the ride yesterday en submitted my email, but haven’t received the code yet.
Support from Zwift cannot answer the question if the code will be send after submitting your email address, or after the price draw in February. Does anybody know this?


@Rolf_Biez _ It can take up to one week for you to receive the code. :slight_smile: This is mentioned on the form when you submit your email.

Hello Amanda, thank you for the reply, you mean this page? :grimacing:
Doesn’t state a week! but i’ll wait :innocent: :+1:

@Rolf_Biez - it will be on the next page once you hit submit. Should look like this:

Ah nice, to bad I don’t have a screenshot from my first attempt :wink: because that line wasn’t there :blush: But thanks :slight_smile:

Got my code this morning, but it’s an EU code…and I’m in the US…nice!

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Did you happen to have your browser set to EU when you registered?

I registered via the Strava app, didn’t even have a zwift account when I did it.

When you signed up to get the code via the Zwift website, was your browser in EU?

Hey @Robert_Harris4 - I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

I know the website often kicks me into the UK when I login. Hasn’t affected me, but I have to manually switch back to the US.

I constantly have to do this too

Every time mine puts me in the US and I have to switch it back to Canada…