Strava Changes May 2020

Just curious how many will subscribe to Strava and how many will stick with free mode? The changes don’t matter too much that I can see but what I don’t like is the counter got taken away for the number of times you’ve covered a segment/hill/lap.

Personally, I don’t feel like paying to get the formerly free features back.

What is everyone’s thoughts? How much does it cost? (unstated in all their ads)

I’m a cheap skate. I won’t be paying for it, I’ll continue using the free version. I think people that have cycled before strava might just start writing down their times again.

Costs would depend on country. Australia gets a year for $81.99

…or using free tools, like Golden Cheetah.

It’s 60 USD per year.

I have been a paid subscriber for a long time. That said, I do not agree w/putting the segment leaderboards behind the pay wall. This is more stick than carrot in trying to get free->subscriber conversions if you ask me. :man_shrugging:

The internets will be full of torches and pitchforks for a week or two. Then, this will be forgotten. Free users will either subscribe or not. If they quit Strava, what has Strava lost? I imagine the majority will carry on vs quit. As for those that quit Strava, it will be proverbial spit in the ocean considering the number of Strava users. On the other hand if they subscribe, then Strava gets what they want/need $$$