Strava Challenges now?

So I had a Zwift email about the “Le Col Season Starter” Strava challenge today saying:

"Big news! Your Zwift miles now count toward Strava Challenges. To celebrate, we’re throwing down the gauntlet.

Join and complete the new Le Col Season Starter and you’ll receive a £50 Le Col gift card toward a purchase of £100 or more*.

Just complete 10 hours of riding by February 14 and you’re all good!

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift "

Could someone pls clarify if this means we can now ride a virtual gran fondo or climbing challenge on Zwift or just the odd strava challenge like that which are measured in riding hours, not distance or altitude? 

It’s just for 3rd party challenges for the momnet, not the Strava monthly challenge like the distance, elevation and such.

This explains it more:

Thanks Paul. A little bit of false advertising on their part then - going to be catching some people out thinking its changed.

Ya, in the big scheme of things, not much has changed.

Hope that Rapha do the same with the Festive 500.  Getting solid outside miles can be hard that time of year.