Strava Achievements missing

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #1

I did my first ride on Zwift yesterday. I did 6 laps on the course and saved the ride on Strava. Normally, I would expect to see achievements on Strava for each segment (PR, 2nd, and 3rd best times) given that it was my first ride on the course. Strava showed all my segment times, but no achievements.
We’ll see what happens with my next ride.

(lilmira koyotes) #2

Did you check right after the ride was uploaded? I know it takes a minute or two for the achievements to show up on Strava, probably taking time to compare to the data base,

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #3

It wasn’t there right after and it’s not there now (24 hours later)

(lilmira koyotes) #4

That’s odd. Try looking into any segment (KOM for example) and see if it shows your lap time, you should have 6 results there. It sounds more like a Strava issue though.

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #5

Thanks - yes, most likely more of Strava issue. I do have 6 results in each of the segments.

(Ramon Hermida) #6

Make sure the ride was not setup on Strava as using a “stationary trainer” :slight_smile:

(M Badertscher MGCC (B)) #7

Correct - it is not a stationary trainer ride on Strava.

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #8

I am really blown away by way this ride appears in my Strava account. I was expecting it to show up pretty much blank much like a Trainer Road session, but no, it shows up exactly like an outdoor ride. With personal bests and a map. Im rapt. Thank you guys. Nice.