Strange Email

Hi All

I have received the attached email (image) which has surprised me as I’ve just started using Zwift again. Could I have at some time in the past logged in and accidentally created an account with a different email address? Is this a phishing attempt? Or should I be worried they are going to delete my current used profile?


I don’t know for sure, but from what I can tell it’s a genuine email that Strava would send.


If you’re concerned, don’t click any of the links in the email, but go directly to and log in there.


That email looks a lot like the addresses that Apple uses to obfuscate your real email when you use Login with Apple to log into a service.
Did you use this Login with Apple in the past? Do you normally log into your Strava account with username and password?

Always the right answer.


This is true and best practice.

It also means you don’t end up going via a click tracker so they can target you better for marketing. =)