Stpc gravel grinder


Wanted to talk about this new big ■■■■ happening and making me so angry.

Stpc gravel grinder, 105km for the B cat. 25 aprile.

I arrived in the 600m, kept going and than… NO FINISH LINE. In the results on companion app, we see a man winning in… 27minuts.

What is this new ridiculous bug?

I don’t win so often and I don’t have time to do very often such a long race. This is making me veeeery frustrated.

The B “winner” is actually in another event so not sure how his results got mixed up - he is in the ODZXentury Endurance ride on a different route.

Thats definitely a bug but to avoid this in future, use Zwiftpower results as it removed a couple Zpower riders from your event and you would have come first.

You didnt get a finish line likely due to a data/network error, which could explain why the “B winner” got sucked into your stats (your event routes crossed over in the desert) but I havent seen this happen before. You may want to log this with zwift support and send your log file to them.