Stop stealing my focus!

I’m on the AppleTV. When I start up the app, after logging it always moves my mouse focus off the Ride button onto the Heart Monitor configuration. If I’m not paying attention I press the mouse button and end up looking at a configuration screen when I really wanted to start my ride. I strongly urge you to not move the mouse focus around without the user requesting that you do so, this feels like incredibly bad UX to me.

I don’t think this is actually what is happening. I have watched this on my ATV, and I don’t think the focus is ever actually on the ‘Ride Now’ button when the pairing screen appears. It looks like it just moves among all the different pairing icons, and then ends up on the Heart Rate icon.

While I, also, find this annoying, my guess is that this is a sort of ‘failsafe’ to keep users from accidentally clicking through the pairing screen before their devices are connected (or maybe just to give them a chance to make sure the right devices are connected), and then having to completely exit the app and start again.

I’m attaching a screen capture. I flick down with my thumb and move focus to the Let’s Go button and the visual feedback confirms this. Then the when the bluetooth widgets appear the focus moves. This is usually when I’m looking down and reaching for my remote. It certainly isn’t failsafe for me :slight_smile:

Ah, interesting. I guess that I never move the focus to the Let’s Go button, so I didn’t notice that. I just click my log in and then the next thing I know it’s cycled through the widgets and landed on the Heart Rate. Definitely find it odd and have definitely screwed it up more than once!