Stop on "END RIDE", HUD off blank screen, Steering

Ride timer and data acquisition should stop at the “END RIDE” or “OK” button clicks. When ending a ride the timer and data acquisition continue until the “SAVE” button is clicked. This means that, if you go through the process of selecting images to upload and change the ride name, the timer is running at zero power and this skews the average power numbers for rides. This makes it difficult to compare rides of approximate same duration. An attempt to do a 60 minute ride at a given power average can wind up with a 63 minute ride at a significantly lower average power making tracking and trending of rides laborious.

With Heads Up Display OFF the screen should be clean or at least give the option of a clean screen. If I am riding on Zwift just to ride then I do not need to see a bunch of user names with their eating preferences, age, excuse or stupid attempts at double entendres. Just give me a clean screen please. (Oh, and after I have turned HUD off and on a thousand times I no longer need the “H KEY TO SHOW THE DISPLAY” prompt)

Finally, steering in a pack is very frustrating. I understand and accept the premise that I cannot run over or through another rider and that I cannot push them off their line however, it seems that the opposite is not true. Often times in a pack I will be pushed off my line or moved in a direction opposite of the steering input because a rider is coming up from behind. If I cannot push them they should not be able to push me.

Your second point is a known bug since 1.34. It would be cool if the algorithm for pushing a rider off their line incorporated their mass. Little guys into the ditch as the big bruisers take the choice lane.