Stop Making Excuses: It's your app update not the Internet

(Edwin Thaves) #1

Zwift recently posted a support message saying problems with freezes and choppy graphics are because of their customers’ poor Internet connections. 

Bull. I have a 100Mbps cable connection and have no problems streaming HD content on the same AppleTV I used to enjoy Zwift on. My Internet connection has not changed or slowed. The only thing that has changed is the Zwift app.

Rather then blaming customer Internet connections how about taking some responsibility for what is clearly an app update that is causing problems.

(Hugh Colvin) #2

IPad app updated yesterday. Won’t load today, even after iPad reboot. C’mon Zwift!

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Edwin, the choppy graphics complaints we’ve seen are almost entirely from users who are on machines below our minimum spec (ie, 2011 era non graphics card laptops).  What you described is a freeze from time to time, which may be due to something that changed in networking code and would possibly be sensitive to internet lag.   Before we release updates we test on many dozens of machines to verify it works well, but supporting hundreds or thousands of different machine combinations all on various levels of internet connection means that sometimes we’ll release something that some users will have an issue with.   In those cases we’ll try our best to resolve.  

Hugh, try running the app again.  Usually after a fresh app install iOS kicks an app entirely out of the app cache, and it has to load from scratch.  On the minimum spec iPads we support (ie, a mini 2) sometimes it will take ~20 seconds to load from scratch - and at 20 seconds iOS kills our app.   If you run a 2nd time, most of the app will be in the cache and it will load in closer to 10 seconds, and be ready to go.  Can you give that a try?

(Edwin Thaves) #4

So what configurations do you typically test on before you release an update? Are you testing used a wired or WiFi connection? As I’ve mentioned everything worked perfect before the app update. And I’d argue I have a pretty typical setup for an AppleTV 4K Zwift customer. I understand the challenges of doing QA but Zwift needs to do better if it hopes to continue to grow. It’s no longer a hobbyist service for some loyal fans. Zwift needs to do more than ‘try’ it needs to solve the problem many of its customers are experiencing and not blame it’s paying customers.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

We test on many Apple TV 4k’s, as well as the previous generation ATV.  What you’re experiencing is not a very prominent issue, and is unrelated to what you’re seeing in other threads, which are customers that were running at 6 frames per second and now running at 4fps on older hardware.

It might be interesting to know if you have access to another device that can run Zwift if it too has the issue.  iPhone or laptop maybe?   That would help determine if its some sort of graphics capability issue, or if its wifi/internet lag related.   It could be either given what changed in this update.

(Hugh Colvin) #6

Thank you for the reply. My usual setup is I run on iPad mini and mirror to my TV via an older 2nd gen Apple TV. After I gave up on the ride, I could get the app to start solo on the iPad but it crashes when mirror to the Apple TV is enabled.

(Vince Kim) #7

ive been having issues also the last few days. im not sure if its due to app update, but should i try reinstalling the app?

(judy strom) #8

I’ve been having the same problems with mirroring & running the app.  I have a ticket in fro the past 2 weeks now to no avail…hoping it gets fixed soon.  Never had issues with TR!! :frowning:

(David K) #9

This is an issue with app mirroring from your device, not with Zwift itself. If you’re already using older hardware, app mirroring can potentially tax your hardware resources more than simply running Zwift on the device directly causing performance concerns that wouldn’t be quite as obvious if you weren’t using screen mirroring and alternatively, used a display cable.