Stop coning legit/verified riders

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FIX THIS. Move it to the top of the list.

Edit: In review it looks like this was not an auto cone as Messineo typically gets. This seems to be a flagrant flagging by fellow racers. Regardless, if you are verified, it should not happen!

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Update: we have heard back from Zwift. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

"The flier alert is triggered when you pass through one of our course segments at a faster time than the game detects is possible [They hard code these at what they think is humanly possible. Not what a pro can do in a race setting with double draft and power ups] and lasts for an hour when it was triggered. [article]…read the article and make sure your setup matches our expectations.

I’m sorry, but the flier alert can’t be manually removed on our end. [This is incorrect, they just don’t want to] It wears off one hour from when it was triggered, so you won’t have to worry about it past that point.

[Another article] It goes into how other riders can get that cone after so many reports.

We’re always improving the flier detection system, so if you feel this was in error, have that rider get back to me with the following information, and we’ll investigate further:

-The trainer and sensors you’re using with Zwift.
-A strava activity link. if you have your account connected.
-The segment the flier alter was triggered on.
-All your log files. You can find out more information on how to get and send in your log files in the article [Another article]

I look forward to hearing from you!"

First come on ZWIFT!! This isn’t the first go around that you’ve had with this legit rider being coned. You gave him the exact same response the first time he brought this coning issue up and you all did NOTHING, even after he provided all info. You all also know this was a problem as loads of verified/legit riders were coned during the big race in Richmond. You all raised $120 MILLION for racing, right? Maybe you could pull yourself together enough to correct issues which are holding the races back.

*Rant over

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All the links to the articles are missing…

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Sorry, I was typing the email from a screenshot, I didn’t want to type the links out but its more basic lip service and canned responses such as: Flier alert and two other basic queries.

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I’ve heard reports of 7-15 rider reports equal a cone. His watts are legit but it sounds like folks are abusing the system and flagging him since they don’t have the legs to beat him.