Stop a ride WITHOUT exiting Zwift

(Brian Bors KISS (D)) #21

+1 for me also.  And I’m using a Mac Mini attached to a TV, same issue.  I want complete one 45 min workout, soft pedal for 15 and do another 60 min tempo session.  Need to kill Zwift, then open up and find the workout in the list again.  Kind of a pain.


(Ian McLean) #22

Yes, this is a major frustation

(Vincent Vanderlinden) #23

How hard can it be? My God!!! Do something!!

(jan hulp) #24

+1, seems weird by design?

(Richard) #25

Could Zwift please have the facility to at least stop/cancel/abandon a workout, then start a new one? Prior to a race I do a warm-up, and I would like to be able to end this & start the race without exiting & restarting Zwift.

(Chris Walsh) #26

This is ridiculous zwift please give a reason why you can’t go back to menu

(Kenny Williams) #27

Can we get a response please? Let us know it’s been noted. Do you guys even use the program you wrote? These issues are very apparent.

(Bill Kipper) #28

Save to Strava and return to start screen? Yes please.