Stop a ride WITHOUT exiting Zwift

(🏊🏽🚴🏼🏃🏻JJS de Graaf {Swim BIKE Run}) #1


I am using Zwift multiple times per week and love it.

There is 1 major frustration and lack of functionality. If you end a ride there are just 2 options:

Exit & save to strava

and exit

both options will effectively end your ride (yeah!) but also will quit the entire program :(. in other words to start another ride you have to restart the program.

I suggest a third option:

end ride & save to strava & go to main menu

or automatically go to the main menu after every ride. saved or not.


This is a very simple request yet it has remained unanswered for a long time.


(Nick Henson) #2

This would be good. Something I also find annoying. At the end of a ride you may want to go customise your avatar with new gear you have unlocked etc.

(Paul Allen) #3

This has been suggested many times. Please vote up the existing suggestions so Zwift knows what the users want.

(Sunil Savkar WBR (C)) #4

+1 here.  Not only not exiting out, but frankly if I want to change things like my avatar, etc., only way to do it is to start a ride in watch mode, where I would think certain options should be available up front without having to go into the ride mode.

(Emmanuel Ledun) #5

Agreed +1, I have to login again after exiting to go and see unlocked items, or simply check XPs or challenges … +1.

(Rob Hubbard) #6


(Marc Nielsen) #7

Great idea. 

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #8

I’d actually like to see all the profile, achievements, customization, etc. in the web site rather than the program.


absolutely needed

(Poppy Bill Wombat QLD 66yr) #10

Very necessary, always spend 10 min slow warm up, then select ride, then 10 min cool down to get rid of lactate legs As a coach this is what we teach all our riders

After all this is a “training” platform so let’s use it properly

(M ig Ferreira (Team TUGA)) #11

This is a basic implementation that shouldnt even have to be debated. I hope ZWIFT realises this soon as the current design is really silly.  

(Steve Kennedy) #12

+1 For me, its a real pain having to log back in again to edit avatar or anything else for that matter.

(Kirby Krieger) #13

+1 with a bullet.  Warm-up on course (or as a separate ZWO file), workout (run ZWO file), warm-down.  Well-said by Poppy Bill Wombat above.

(Christian Boudreau (CCS)) #14


(Phil Miller) #15

+1. Have been frustrated by this during my opening week of using Zwift but at least I know i’m not doing something wrong.

I also don’t understand why it seems so difficult to access the Menu options before joining a ride. You can only access this menu while on a ride…why is that?

(David Easley) #16

Zwift please fix this issue ASAP. People have been posting about this since freaking 2015! Fyi I tried it on a friend’s iPad the other day and it let’s you return to the main menu after finishing a ridem. Windows desktop version has this issue!

(Richard Neil(C) ZHR(G)) #17

I have been riding Zwift for a few months now & have been mystified/frustrated by not being able to end & save a ride without exiting the application. As Phil say’s, at least I know it’s not me! I have just noticed there is a thread in the ‘Feature Requests’ section… - I suggest voting this up…

(Glenn Thomas Taanevig) #18

Does anyone from Zwift even look at these posts? I’m new to this, but I’m not sure I will pay for this after the trial if a basic thing like this is not sorted out in A YEAR (!!) Makes me wonder how fast they wil take care of other issues in the future… I use 3 screens, and I know my graphics card will support Zwift in Ultra, but I dont get the chance to try it out. I will see for myself if it is lagging, but I think the game thinks I don’t have the right native resolution on the screen because it thinks I’m using screen 1… This is also pretty annoing. I want to get full use of my Ultra TV and graphic card, and I want to choose it myself, not AFTER I have joined a ride, but before I choose to start a game and join the ride. Even better would be a standalone program to change these things, apart from the game… So far the support in here stinks. The team should answer to these things, and us in here… Lazy… 

(Andrew Reynolds) #19

+1 from me so annoying to have to stop and restart the program on pc when you want to do a sensible cool down or maybe if you’ve still got energy atfter training workout.

(🏊🏽🚴🏼🏃🏻JJS de Graaf {Swim BIKE Run}) #20

As it seems this is mostly a windows desktop issue.

really Zwift… how hard can it be…