Still having issue with Zwift client crash during login

I have to post here as the original thread in the Known issue section was locked.

I had followed the advice to uninstall and then reinstall Zwift three times. Each time after reinstalling, Zwift’s client was able to launch and log in successfully. However, if I closed and relaunched the client, the "Whoops! We hit a roadblock and something went wrong… " message will pop up and force close the client.

I had followed the steps from the Re-installing-Zwift guide each time. But I noticed that whenever I start the client after reinstall, I was not asked to enter my username and password but the client proceed to log me in. Is this normal?

Please help.

After 6 days. Issue still persists.

Same issue for me :frowning_face:

I have a temporary workaround solution.

Step 1: Remove the Zwift program.
Step 2: Delete Zwift folders from Programx86 and Documents folders
Step 3: Reinstall Zwift.

So far I am able to log in successfully. This will only work once.
Subsequently, the error will still pop up. Repeat steps 1 to 3 prior to your next ride.