Sticky Drafting only effective within event group

(Kevin S ( #1

How about turning off the sticky draft effect for those riders outside of your event?  This way, large numbers of riders on course won’t affect the race / group ride dynamics.  It will help groups stay together and mean races are fairer (no jumping on the back of a fast passer by who’s not in the race).  It will also save me a lot of frustration!   Once you end an event and go back into ‘free riding’ then sticky drafting could be applied normally again.

The reason for the request is because I’m really struggling with the sticky draft effect - passing others within the group I’m riding in is tricky, but the worst thing is passing other riders on course who are not in the event I’ve joined - and there are a lot of them now!  I lose a little momentum each time I pass a slower rider.  This seems to affect me more than others I’m riding with (I presume it’s somehow proportional to weight?), with the result that if I see a string of slower riders ahead I know I’ll be off the back of the group I’m riding with by the time we’ve passed them all.  If I come up behind a big guy I can literally stop in my tracks, with a deceleration that if it was in real life would have me thrown over the bars.