(Matthew Green) #1

I think a steering device would make the experience more real.   

(Paul Graham) #2

Hi Mathew

The way virtual cycling is moving I would think you can look forward to many additional details like an influence over steering.

Trainers are already incorporating ‘rocking’ and front end elevation to simulate sprinting and climbing.

Virtual cycling is very popular and will become more so as trainer technology moves forward to simulate real-world cycling.

I’m an ex-spin cycle instructor, I’d loved to have had all this tech in my studio classes.  :slight_smile:

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #3

It would add some fun, but it’s a workout more than a game. The network just cant handle such a thing. 500-1000+ people, all sending steering data? all having to send their new coordinates through the servers?  Just not practical. As is - the path rather predefined, so that nothing has to be updated other than placement on the path due to work out speed.  FAR LESS data shared than steering which would also make for collisions. 


(Danny Boyd) #4

tacx has one for their older trainers (the fortius) id rather see more trainers go down the (climb) route like kickr has done.

(Alfonso DeLuca) #5

I would like to see this as well, so you can choose who you want to draft off of. In the future of course, no need for right now.