Steering tutorial still appearing despite 1.16 update improvements

Hello @shooj ,
This is a very minor point compared to the issues that other people are having after the August 19th game update, but the following line from @Wes ’s change log doesn’t seem to be applying - at least in my case:

Feature Improvements

  • Zwifters will no longer see the Steering tutorial in-game if you select OK or the tutorial screen times out.

I’ve ridden at least five times since the update and still had the same screen(s) every time, despite trying both of those actions on different occasions.

Am on iPadOS 14.7.1 [latest], game version 1.16.0 (78621), latest Elite firmware (v21) for Sterzo Smart.

It would be refreshing to lose both this tutorial as well as the request for feedback screen that follows every ride.
Thank you for your efforts.


Thanks for flagging this up. We’re investigating what’s happening with this one.

@shooj i can confirm this is happening on the Windows version as well with Kickr Bike. The tutorial and rating screens pop up every time after a group ride even though I click ok on it.

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Just circling back to let you know that the release of 1.17 today has now solved this on my set-up.

After downloading the update and doing a first ride where the prompts/tutorial appeared as before, there is no tutorial before, or request for feedback after, subsequent rides.
Deep joy. :slight_smile:

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Oh dear, @shooj, I spoke too soon. :expressionless:
I just did a another short ride and, although the opening tutorial did not appear, the closing request for steering feedback did, again.

Please kill it. Kill it with fire. :comet::fire::fire::fire: