Steering Rollout - What's the plan from ZHQ?

If they do plan to make steering a first-class citizen of the game, it would probably be a good idea for them to create keyboard shortcuts for steering for folks who have a keyboard, UI elements for steering for folks who don’t (maybe enable keyboard shortcuts for iPad Pro users with a keyboard while they are at it), and a steering API for 3rd parties to lower the barrier to entry.

Won’t work for everyone of course, but might help some folks ease into the experience until thos folks decide they want to spend the money on Zwift Play hardware, and at the same time allow Zwift to be more aggressive with introducing steering features in the game.

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I have no reason to think that it is not.

If there isnt already I would consider applying some data integrity checks to ensure no edge cases continue to exist. If they are in place id check they are running as expected.

Ciao, onestamente credo che sia più scorretto l’impostazione della difficoltà trainer (da 1% a 100%) che non l’uso di zwift play

Some trainers can simulate 25% gradients. Others around 7%. Both at 100% Trainer Difficulty. How would you handle that?

Non si può gestire, è solo un gioco!!! Siamo tutti su zwift per pedalare e non per vincere le gare, chi se ne frega. Certo la competizione piace a tutti, però se non siamo tutti (onesti) non importa. L’importante è pedalare per la mente, la salute, e divertimento.

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I probably misunderstood your comment. I don’t think mandating Trainer Difficulty settings will work because of the differences in trainers. I am on Zwift to win races sometimes, and I don’t care about the settings of other riders or if they have steering. I race with low Trainer Difficulty.

Ottimo grande!!!

only joking


Kinda feel we’ve gone off track a bit. I understand riders have a view on it but really keen to have this discussion from the perspective of organisers.
Having just fielded another debate on this, it’s not going to go away, AGAIN as an organiser I’m stuck in the middle…

I belive there is meant to be some PD improvements coming. We did a TTT tonight half riders with steering half not it was awhul at times without steering out the draft in the gutter and all sorts. First time i’ve noticed it that bad.

I’m going to suggest for next week the riders don’t use it.

Two things need to happen the PD needs to be better for steering and non steering to compete plus some sort of 3rd party or keyboard commands to allow more riders access to it.

I have done a few TTTs with steering and when on the front it is a pain. Have to switch to rear view and constantly adjust to give draft to team.

Its good for coming off the front though, then its back to tinkering ever couple of seconds to stay in draft.

Pretty clear that its “not an advantage” for TTTs (though is better than the bug forcing you to the sides)

I think the steering algorithms currently run contrary to what any rider would intend and I think that balance needs to change somewhat.

But, back to the main point.

Zwift need to tell organisers and riders alike what their long term intent is. Fence sitting is pushing the problem and arguments onto organisers.

Have Zwift said anything other than steering is now enabled for all events? Is this considered fence sitting? Or is there speculation that Zwift will stop having steering on by default?

ZRL is run by a contractor and said contractor has said they don’t yet know how they’re going to handle steering.

It’s on by default, but organisers are free to turn off if they wish, which a number have. Since riders know that organisers have that ability, we’ve been caught in the middle.

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So if Zwift defaults to steering always on, are you asking - in order to be not stuck in the middle - that Zwift remove the option for organizers to turn off steering so that there’s nothing to argue about?

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A lot of the rules are set by zwift or at least zwift have an overriding position if they want so would be good to hear future plans for steering with the 2 biggest series on zwift disabling it seems zwift are pulling back on steering with the announcement that zrl won’t use it unless teams all opt into it for steering leagues.

I not sure I like the idea for zwift to end up with steering and non steering races there is not the volume of riders to meet that demand.

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I must’ve missed that announcement. Registration opens Tuesday so it better be formal quick.

only just been posted on fb. Regstiration is a month long so no rush.

I guess no one would be surprised if rules changed mid-registration and everyone had to cancel and redo their registrations