Steering MTB course is black on AppleTV

Trying the new steering functionality, but I am just getting a black screen (with UI on top).

I am on AppleTV with an Android phone.

  1. ride to start line and press start (either via phone or apple tv)
  2. I am switched to the mtb view and can see the trail
  3. countdown 3-2-1
  4. on 0 the 3d graphics is just a black screen
  5. seems like riding, sound and UI is working as intended, but no graphics.
  6. after quitting the mtb ride I am returned on the course, but 3d graphics is still not showing.

I have to kill the AppleTV app and restart to be able to ride again.

I checked that both AppleTV app and companion app is updated to newest versions - and tried multiple times. Also tried both on TVOS version 12 and 13.