Steering in races

You soooo don’t want to open that can of worms. I would steer the worst line possible in front of you just to watch you scream lol.


just this, but personally i think that’s for everyone’s benefit because if the only way to race against a steering user is to bring the peloton along with you then every race is doomed to a sprint finish. i don’t think there is really much of an actual advantage to having it because in all of the races i’ve been in since these things were released i think a steering user has won once.

seems to me like steering mechanics are really just about making things more interesting for the people who are into that stuff


I have used the Sterzo for some time now. In my last race I was in a hurry and did not get the Sterzo connected before the start.

I found that it was much less taxing mentally to stay in the group. I could just pedal and modulate my power to position. It was also easier to follow the wheel of a single non-steering rider compared to when I’m steering, where I feel I never am able to do that perfectly. When I’m steering I also usually have some incidents where I steer out of the draft and have to sprint to get back.

What I found irritating without having steering, was that I was pushed to the side all the time without a way to correct it, other than to slide to the back to get a center position with optimal draft.

Next time I will not worry if I have the steering connected or not. It’s just different and not a big advantage exept for maybe some edge cases.


Personally my opinion is, nobody should be compensate for something they choose not to do so.

But I find it hard to defend this with steering, and only by the fact it isn’t available for everyone to buy.

But for everyone else. You actively choose to not invest in steering. I can imagine you don’t value it that much? But as a result you have some drawbacks. Because you choose to have those drawbacks.

Last weekend I did an IRL tt on a road bike with clip-ons. Because I’ve chosen not to invest in a tt bike (or locate my budget to something else etc) as a result I did not had those mariginal Gaines. And nobody gave me a 5 minute head start, because they had an advantage because they were on fancy tt bikes :frowning:

I agree with this, I couldn’t afford a decent turbo for a while and I was not compensated, same for Di2 which I cant really afford and not sure Id buy if I could for better shifting.

I received Zwift Play as a gift, and I really enjoy the ease of use, although not sure I have experienced great benefits. My results have not really improved, although maybe they should have but I do get people’s point of view, although where does it stop in setting a 100% level playing field? Yes, there is an advantage (from what people have written on here) but there are with many bits of equipment, maybe this advantage is disproportionally larger with ZPlay, but I’m not seeing those advantages. I didnt sit there moaning how unfair it was that people had a better smoother experience when my trainer was lumpy, the concept of moaning was for me poor sportmanship.

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i really think the only frustrations (worth taking seriously, anyway) people have are just regarding how people with steering and people without it interact with eachother ingame, right now it’s not quite as seamless as it could be

will use the example again as it’s the easiest one i can think of - TTTs. most teams i believe are currently advising to have everyone use steering or none at all as mixing the two creates all kinds of issues for everyone involved


Thanks for being reasonable on this. I agree that this is issue is the way non-steering and steering users interact. That way it currently works, users with steering have something like limitless burrito power-up relative to the non-steering users. It’s telling that so many of the comments are from people with steering accusing those without of poor sportsmanship. Ultimately it’s a bad experience for users without steering and I don’t think that’s good for the long term growth of Zwift. FWIW, my setup supports steering but it still doesn’t feel very fun to drop people because I can cut corners and they can’t.


I agree with this. For the vast majority of a race the difference between steering and non-steering is pretty inconsequential. But, the one time I was very frustrated with steering is when I saw someone break away, I joined them and pulled for some time, then let them pull, and they swerved out of the way so I was in the wind the whole time. It was super frustrating, and there wasn’t anything I could do at that time. If the logic for following a steering user would prevent that, that would be good.


Any setup with an accurate trainer was about the same?

Have you seen GPLama’s review of Kickr Race Mode?

If I had to choose between steering or Race Mode for an advantage in racing it is Race Mode for the win.