"Steering has been disabled.." in a Steering Race?

Paging @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn

I wasn’t sure this is a 1.39 thing or an event thing

I actually noticed this yesterday in an event where steering is not enabled, but by my understanding, should allow steering because of the 1.39 changes that allow steering in all events…

It might be with the event creation, if the event was scheduled prior to the update it may not take effect.

When the event regenerates for the following week it should correct itself.

That’s my theory.

This sounds very possible

I just think it is because steering hasn’t been enabled as the default, yet. It is supposed to happen when the rollout of 1.39 is complete.
I updated the event list logic today but the steering allowed/steering not allowed tags cannot be trusted until Zwift flip the switch and let steering be the default.

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You may be right, though 1.39 was supposedly ‘officially’ done rolling out yesterday, and the event I was in was today. Though no idea what rolled out completion requires – ie. has to actually be downloaded to every device (in which case as apple/app store can have delays could be a little longer)?

That’s especially goofy, since we’ve always had steering enabled for this races. Gah!

That’s odd. Probably you’re not alone.

Does anyone know if the Zwift Crit Club series originally had steering? I had the same notice on this one:

I haven’t enabled steering on any of the monthly racing series previously.

Out of curiosity though, why are the tags present for Steering Enabled etc on these events then? And, is it the case for now that even events that had steering enabled before 1.39 have it disabled like it was for the Tiny Races?

There aren’t any steering_enabled tags present on those events.

Jesper may have updated ZH to show them though.

hmm… ok. so there are events somewhere out there where steering will work, but we can’t tell which they are in advance?

Tiny Races have always had it enabled as far as I can remember.

That’s what Eric mentioned as well - is there a reason why yesterday’s didn’t?

No idea. I have nothing to do with Zwift Hacks :slight_smile:

They have steering enabled though.

Then it’s a bug (1.39 related)? It was disabled when I joined.

I wonder if it’s a case of steering being enabled twice.

I’m happy to test some other event if you can point to one that should have steering working coming up soon today in the calendar.

First one showing in your filtered results “BC Bike Race Sunday Endurance” – same thing fyi