Steering directly in Zwift app instead of zwift companion only

I am using Zwift directly from my Google Pixel 3 Phone. I tried to test steering it is not available to me. as understand it needs to run the zwift app and the companion app at the same time. What about integrating steering into the zwift app. (I know not a very common setup…) but it enables all smartphone zwifters to use/test steering. thanks Sebastian

Steering is a “Future Works” experiment/proof of concept at the moment. As such it’s not really worth their while implementing it in the game natively yet.

If it’s successful and well received, I imagine integrating steering into Zwift might be on the roadmap.

But even then it might depend on the proportion of users who Zwift directly on phones or tablets rather than big screen devices. If it’s only a small minority, again it might not be worth the development investment.