Steering bugs in Neokyo (maybe elsewhere too)

Zwift plays used in Neokyo. Certain parts of the courses push you far out to the right with no draft and you have to keep steering back in. Only on certain part of the roads - railway is one place and after Alley Sprint is another

this happens on other worlds, happened to me in the OG racing around London, you get pushed out to the right and then need to steer back in

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Country to coastal, section on reverse Mech loop pushing steering to the right

This was awful on London Classique last night. I lost count how many times it happened, and it only appeared to be happening to riders who had steering enabled.

@xflintx - do you guys have this logged as an issue in the current version? I’ve got video from my race last night, and could get the log files, if it is any help to you?

This was really poor yesterday in London. Lots of comments about it mid race and pretty annoying.

Il see If I can gif up the video of it, as it was pretty obvious it happening.


You can see the DIRT rider being moved out & back in, I think it happened to everyone who had steering enabled.


It happened to me today leading an interval ride up Epic Kom reverse. Was being shoved out to side and if I was typing messages I didn’t see it and kept getting dropped and having to fight back to manage my lead. So annoying. Lead in London on Saturday and had same issues as video above. Red Mall roads are bad for it


Poor chap … oh that’s me. :wave:

I had to rage quit as I was getting drop outs, but it was a fairly calm start till I dropped.

Personally I’ve not seen anything across my desk, but my desk is not the same one that steering and Play work lies on, so I’ll make sure it gets to the right folks for ya. Thanks for letting us know, and sorry the experience was bumpy.

Folks - please note that Zwift v 1.44 addresses this issue. We’ve started a phased rollout over the next few days starting with PC / macOS / Android devices. Please update the game app when it’s available to you.

Thanks Shuji! And thanks Flint for passing the message through. :+1:

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