Stay Logged In (Remember Me)

(Kyle Krug) #1

Feature Addition:  Prevent the need to log in to Zwift everytime.

For some people this may not be an issue. As a security measure I use unique passwords for each website or app that I use.

It would be great to see a “Remember Me” button integrated in to Zwift (like on the website). Typing in the unique passwords everytime I want to “Play” Zwift can be tedious task.



Another useful feature would be integration for Agile Bits - 1Password.

I use 1Password to manage, generate, and populate all my passwords. They have the ability to integrate into applications –

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

I use LastPass, so integration with that would be great as well if it’s possible.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

If it isn’t too much trouble, make it easy for multiple users to be remembered.  My wife has gotten the Zwift bug too.  I’m not too worried about someone breaking into my home to compromise my Zwift credentials, but I would totally dig if I could just click my avatar and log right in.

Any sort of “remember me” function has to have a “forget me” as well, so keep that in mind too.

(Mark Cooper (D)) #4

+1 from me. This is an essential feature for me - When I start and stop (i.e. End Ride) I have to log in again… I don’t want to have to put my sweaty digits all over my shiny laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lewis Cooper) #5

Agreed, please implement “remember me” in the programme.  It’s quite annoying to have to log in every time, especially when the whole program closes at the end of a ride.

(Dale Berg) #6

Just joined Zwift and really enjoying the interactive rides.  Makes the trainer way more enjoyable.  Staying logged in is my only gripe right now.  Please add this feature and 1Password integration would be a nice benefit as well.

(Tommy Sera) #7

Oh c’mon Zwift. Remember me, checkbox in due in your app. How come it was missed? Any UX people out there?

(Michael P (SF, CA)) #8

+1 Yes this please. Simple “remember me” checkbox would be fantastic.

ALSO why is paste disabled on my mac?


Seriously, it’s hard to believe that this isn’t an option. It’s highly annoying - especially if the program crashes. I’m on a Mac mini so my keyboard isn’t right in front of me on a laptop.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #10

It was sort of ok to ignore this year old plus request when Zwift was in beta.  Definitely not ok now that it’s a paid product. C’mon Zwift, this is one of the oldest items in the feature request que.

(Francois Campeau) #11

Integrating with Keychain on OS X is very very easy to do. There is no reason not to have this feature when it’s very frustrating to copy paste my password every time since I have no idea what the password is from using Keychain password generation.