Status Bar for Solo Rides

It is great having a status bar for group rides. I would recommend that we have a status bar for solo rides as well. It would also be great to see your position vis a vis other riders, again, like group rides.

I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here. On a group ride or race there is a specified time or distance. On a solo ride, though, you might go 5 minutes or you might go 5 hours. How would Zwift know that in order to display a status bar? Also, can’t you see your position against other riders in the mini map and/or the rider list on the right side of the screen?

A status bar to show you how far along your selected route would be nice. It’s also eliminate some of the confusion around route badges

Yes, that’s true. But if one selects a specific route, I don’t think it is a stretch to presume they intend to ride it. If they choose to veer off course, the status bar could simply go away, as it would no longer be relevant. If they ride past the finish line, the status bar can reset for a second lap. If they stop short, well, so would their status. Just like in a race.

As for position, I’m talking about your ranking among other riders doing the same route you have selected.

Ohh … NO. Please don’t add another status bar (or any other info) … At least … until customizable desktop will become reality.

Even now, the screen is almost overflowed by all those info boxes - most of them I consider useless at all (just my 2 cents). There are some really nice sceneries on Zwift, but very often I can barely enjoy them, as they are blocked by those infobars.



Most of them are hopelessly out of context for your ride but this suggestion would actually be useful.

Well, you are right … maybe most of them are “out of context”, but simply they are beautiful. If you don’t care for scenery, why do you use Zwift ? Why not other “more serious” platform - where you can find all possible numbers and data all around, and no “out of context” scenery at all ? :slight_smile:

I’m old guy, neither racer nor ambitious amateur. I ride just to keep myself “in some reasonable shape” & try to loose some weight. Mostly I don’t care for FTP, KOMs, Zwifters Nearby, etc … all those info are absolutely useless for me = out of my interest. I don’t use predefined routes, I ride wherever I like, mostly choose turns in the last moment. But I really enjoy Zwift’s world … I mean - its scenery. Just my $0.02.

But I agree there are another guys who prefer as much as possible information and don’t care for missing scenery … Let’s say: “Suum cuique”

If Zwift follows OP’s request, then I’ll be upset (not much, but a llittle bit). If Zwift indulge me, that guy will be unhappy. That’s why I say “Customizeable Hud” would be great solution for all of us.


edit: added later … moreover I use Zwift Companion app … Thus I can display and see all “serious” info on my iPad and (if possible) I could enjoy clear, unobstructed scenery view on my 52"TV. That’d be great.

I meant most of the status bars are not relevant to your ride. I like the scenery. but like the op said if you pick a route, chances are you are going to ride it. A little countdown bar for completion of chosen rout would be logical.

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