Stationary bike?????

(Kenneth Schau) #1

Is it possible to set up zwift using a stationary bike.  I have Garmin cadence.

(Paul Allen) #2

You will need to have a speed sensor also (Zwift uses your wheel speed + the power curve of the trainer to estimate Watts), but I think the estimates of the watts you would be outputting would be off a lot.

What is the model of the stationary bike?

I am not saying it is impossible, just saying that it would be very unrealistic within Zwift.

Also Zwift only supports 700 wheels at the moment.

(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #3

Look Here–Setting-up-zPower-Classic-Trainer-Rollers?section=200993429

Good Luck :slight_smile:


(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #4

for further questions look here…



(Jason K) #5

If it’s a stationary bike that’s not on our Supported Trainers list, you’re going to get the best experience if you can swap out the pedals for ones that have a power meter (e.g. Garmin Vectors, etc.), or if you have another kind of separate power meter you can attach.

Speed sensors won’t give accurate readings, and we have no plans to create a virtual power curve for any stationary bikes at this time, so we don’t recommend that route.