Startup logo with large black stripe

For several months, the startup window has been displaying a large black bar (the one with the nickname and profile) in my window, which obscures the “news” descriptions.
How it appeared - I uninstalled Zwift, installed cleanly. Nothing has changed.
Today, having some time, I returned to the topic.
Uninstallation, installation of Zwift on “clean” - no result :/.
Re-installation, search in the Win11 registry for entries that could be related to Zwift. Deleting (manually) directories associated with Zwift. Restarting Win11. Installation “clean” and … this black high bar is still displayed :confused:

Any idea how to cause it to be displayed correctly and not obscure the start window?


Hi @Artur_Chmielewski welcome to the forums! I’m Oscar from Zwift.

I appreciate the information shared, the screenshots, and all the effort you made to self-solve this issue.

Based on the information and screenshots, we’d definitely love to check your account and see what’s happening and what is causing this. Normally this type of issue can be fixed by deleting the app and getting it back, which is something you’ve done, have you tried to contact us? We can provide one-on-one support!


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Hello Oscar.
Thank you for your interest.
You ask if I tried to contact support. I did.
Except that the only channel is chat open from 8-2- PST:

When I entered my queries it only automt prompted links to FAQ topics, but none matched my problem.
I abandoned this form of contact because it’s a waste of time.

I was unable to find email contact with support.


Hi Artur,

Our chat team is available from 8am-8pm PST. We do offer self-service options up-front in our chat experience to see if that can help solve your query. If those articles aren’t helpful, you just have to select the no prompt (no more than twice) prior to be giving the option to connect with the support team. You’ll then be given some prompt options to ensure we get you to the right area based on your query. I hope this helps.

I clicked “no” a couple of times during the help wizard in the chat window and the option to send a query to a Zwift ambassador opened up.
I sent him a description and links to this topic on the forum.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the issue or lack of help


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After exchanging some issues with my colleague Kev (Zwift ambassador),
following his concept, I created a new user account on the system and launched Zwift from under his control.
Bootlogo displayed … correctly!

So I started to dabble in the subject, because the hardware is the same, the software is the same and yet on one user account there is a problem and on the other account this problem does not exist :slight_smile:

By the method of trial, analysis and changes I located the cause. It turned out to be an issue … font size in the system settings.
Not the screen scale, but the font size.
Since I have an ultra-wide screen monitor, and because of my visual impairment, I increased the system font size beyond the default 100%.

And this is a problem for the bootlogo “Zwift” - setting the system font size by even 1% causes the field in the bootlogo with the username to be totally blown apart and obscures part of that bootlogo.

Maybe here, however, it is possible to “control” it programmatically so that at a non-standard font size such a scattering does not occur?