Starting Underwater?

On my pixel 4, sometimes the game starts with me underwater. I have to close and open numerous times until it will work. Thoughts?

It happens to me every time I open Zwift. Missed the start of a few races trying to log on, most frustrating.
I accidentally found a way to sort it, at least it has worked for me since I realised how to get it to work. Load the location, get underwater view, Go in to menu, pick the garage and pick an item, glasses, vest etc. Just open and close. Then come back out, each time the screen has then loaded up for me. Closing and re-opening the app didn’t work but this seems to. I have a pixel 3. Hope this helps.

Thanks Maria! I spent 20 minutes trying to reload the game last night to get on the group ride. Incredible frustrating, but another thing you have to work around.

Now if we get it to stop crashing 10 minutes into a race we would be laughing!