Starting a Running Plan Mid-way Through

I’m primarily a cyclist and very interested in running on Zwift. I started the Half Marathon training plan, but quickly found that the beginning of the plan is much too easy. So easy it’s boring.

I’ve found there’s only options to adjust the length of the training plan, not where you begin. In the 12 week plan, for example, is there any way to begin at week 8? It will not let me since the workouts are unavailable, even if I clicked that I ran it outdoors.

Sadly there’s not, each workout in a training plan follows a set schedule, with further workouts being unlocked over time. It’s designed to accommodate everybody to the best of our ability, though I agree it would be nice to be able to start further in the training plan for more experienced riders. If you’re finding it too easy, I would suggest doing a bit extra on your workout and marking it as completed outside, that way you can push yourself and continue the plan.